Trey, Mike & The Duo


The genesis of the group came in early 2006 when Mike and the Duo joined Trey for a recording session for his upcoming album at Bryce Goggin’s Trout studio in Brooklyn, NY. While Mike has been performing with the Duo on and off for the past three years, the addition of Trey to the group added an exciting dynamic to the mix. Intending to record only a single song, the quartet soon found themselves tracking four full songs on the record. Though Trey had previously written three of the four songs (“Goodbye Head,” “Mud City,” and “Host Across The Potomac”), the music to “Dragonfly” was actually written on the spot by the quartet, with Trey penning the lyrics. Soon after, the newly-formed quartet booked a tour for July of 2006 including eleven shows co-billed with Phil Lesh & Friends and another seven dates by themselves ending at The 10,000 Lakes Festival. Before the tour, Trey and Mike spent a weekend writing together, lending another four new songs to the group’s repertoire (“Suskind Hotel,” “Seasons,” “Trouble,” and Hap-Nappy”) which already includes fresh takes on Mike originals as well as Duo material.

To listen for yourself, check out the 7/19/06 Cleveland, OH  show at