Las VegasLas Vegas, NV

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  • Friday, May 31, 2002
  • Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV

by Ray Paczkowski

Coming into Las Vegas from LA, five am and the dawn light cannot compete with these thousand acres of neon flourescence. When Roy Rodgers was born, not far from here in Victorville, most of the country was lit with kerosene or gas. Big shout out to Thomas Edison, but an older invention has more claim to building this place: the con. The casinos here pump oxygen into the air, nature’s little pick-me-up in a most unnatural setting. And if that doesn’t do it, well, name your poison. The unabashed spectacle of Vegas, highroller fantasies while the dollar coins clink through slots; bar bar bar. This is the town where Rick Springfield will make his comeback, and where the world champion of darts will be crowned. And at no extra expense you can watch a pirate ship blow up and burn at Treasure Island. Four times a day. All this in a desert where there used to be…nothing.

It’s been a good roll since Angels Camp. San Diego at the Open Air Theatre and LA at the Greek. The band is confident with the material and itching to take it somewhere new. Looking forward to the cooperative scratch. Pardon the metaphor.

A great lineup both nights in Vegas. Antibalas, Spearhead, Los Lobos, the Roots. All doing they’re thing in air conditioned comfort. Strange to step outside into a dry hot desert wind, given enough time, it will blow this all away. Viva Las Vegas.